Graffiti and Startups – Entering The Market

There’s a rebel child in every family, community and time period in our history. These creative thinkers have left and will leave a mark behind, As everything we use and touch that makes life efficient was an idea meditated in someone’s mind. But in order for these ideas to become a physical reality requires access […]

Perceptions Lead To Invisible Boundaries

Have you ever driven down a street in Chicago or any other major city and noticed an acute discrepancy in the aesthetics of the neighborhoods, sometimes having to speed through some of them. We invest in certain communities more and ignore others and create invisible boundaries.  In general, we invest in what we trust and […]

Match or a Glitch – Code and Purpose

When something is effortless and just clicks, that’s when you know it’s meant to be. Our culture revolves around this assumption, but in order to maintain whatever you started takes a lot of work. This can range anything from romantic involvement to finding the career that most suits your interests. Let’s focus on why something […]