Match or a Glitch – Code and Purpose

When something is effortless and just clicks, that’s when you know it’s meant to be. Our culture revolves around this assumption, but in order to maintain whatever you started takes a lot of work. This can range anything from romantic involvement to finding the career that most suits your interests. Let’s focus on why something clicks to begin with and how you know.

Everything that exists has a DNA, Code or a blueprint that holds the insights and information of their very being. These insights, for people, come to surface in forms of emotions after we are put in situations that test us. Having the courage to listen and follow our own emotions and gain insights about ourselves maintains our well-being.

A quick refresher from our high school biology class, DNA has a complex structure but all the really significant stuff and genetic coding that makes you “you” is found among the four nitrogenous bases: Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Cytosine (C) and Guanine (G). These bases hang out in pairs and are tightly held together. A only bonds with T and G only bonds with C, and the order of these four nucleobases or the base sequence allows your DNA to create you.  Where am I going with this biological fact/possibly a metaphor? You are a complex creature with unique coding and the front end user of this work is the world, who needs to appreciate you and understand you. This complex world has pockets of people and career paths/environments where you are celebrated for what and how you have to offer for which you were created.

The goal is to stay away from the mismatch, As A can only bond with T and if it accidentally matches with C then that creates a glitch in the cell and can create a mutation, sometimes resulting in bad news. Just like our DNA, our goal in life is to understand our inner world, what/who excites us and what motivates us to do our best. Match it with circumstances this external world has to offer, and just like A bonds with T effortlessly, You (result of this DNA structure) will naturally bond with the purpose, person and anything that was meant to be. Because glitches aren’t fun.

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