Graffiti and Startups – Entering The Market

There’s a rebel child in every family, community and time period in our history. These creative thinkers have left and will leave a mark behind, As everything we use and touch that makes life efficient was an idea meditated in someone’s mind. But in order for these ideas to become a physical reality requires access to resources, which is allocated by society.

Graffiti on the walls of an underprivileged neighborhood is most likely drawn by kids who sit in the back of the classroom and find it hard to do what is told to them. They have an urgency to express their ideas in creative ways that shows the world they are different from the rest. These are the kids that like to think outside the box, break rules and take risks. Behaviors similar to those who have shaped our history and can change the future. But due to lack of access to sound education and parental supervision they can only go as far as the dollar store for spray paints and blank walls which they see as canvases. These are the resources that are allocated to them, even though they have the potential to create and offer more. Demand for ideas doesn’t meet the necessary supply of resources creating a deadweight loss (Economic principle), which is loss of revolutionary discoveries and innovations that could’ve made a huge impact. DWL happens when supply and demand are not in equilibrium, below is an example.  Price floor here can be policies that remove funding for underprivileged communities.


A four year college degree gives people a sense of confidence to navigate in this real world. Creative thinkers can practice leadership and use their education to create and impress those in power to invest in their ideas, When this happens we see Startups pop up everywhere and founders last names on top of tall buildings in downtown. Creative ideas are given appropriate resources, Supply and demand are at equilibrium and there is no deadweight loss.

Ideas of those born in underprivileged communities enter the market as art, some graffiti stays and some gets painted over as it may create a negative environment for the neighborhood. And just like that we suppress our creative minds that are born under zip codes our society sees as unworthy. But feed the ones born in more economically nourished communities with positive reinforcement throughout their college and professional career, encouraging them to enter the market which creates value and shifts the economy. Graffiti and Startups give us a visual as well as a contrast of how far a creative mind can reach with given resources.

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