Disney Characters for Economic Analysis

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Scar from Lion King or any bad guy/character from a Disney movie tend to have pretty similar personality traits. They all think very highly of themselves, are exploitative to achieve personal gains, have lack of empathy for others and think they are unique or gifted. These traits happen to fall under a personality disorder called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). The first step, which is diagnosing the problem, turns out to be a challenge because people who have NPD think too highly of themselves to even admit that they have a problem. But there is no denying that these traits are unhealthy and harmful for people around them. People in close proximity to someone who has NPD have low self-esteem, lack of control over making decisions and overall feel exploited as they are in the receiving end of their negative behavior. This causes the victim to assume blame for all their problems that they developed overtime and keeps them from growing up to their own potential.

Certain cultures, unfortunately, promote these behaviors and the ones that don’t happen to end up being on the receiving end of their behavior. Groups ( not necessarily every individual in the group ) collectvely can also exibit NPD traits. Throughout history, A group that has the economic and political power to make decisions in a region has practiced it in a way that benefits their own. This group usually happens to be the majority in a geographical region and exercises their power to maintain it. To diagnose the economic and political problem you have to study both or all groups in the system and how one is affecting the other. Just like an individual, it is very difficult for the group in power to admit that they might be exercising it in a way that is negatively affecting others. Also, it is just as important to empower the groups that are affected to help them regain their political and economic strengths and not blame them.

To diagnose a group of its negative traits you have to study its behavior or Policy/laws in depth. For example – Housing Policies in US such as Redlining established in 1934 by Federal Housing Administration, included race as a factor in real estate assessment of property. If the value of the house/property goes down then the loans would be more at risk, thus leading to refusing to insure mortgages to African-Americans. This left African-Americans and other people of color out of the new suburban communities, pushing them instead into urban housing projects. One maintained a lot better than the other. (Spoiler Alert) Gaston doesn’t marry Belle and Scar doesn’t become the king of the jungle, their personality traits were not given authority or power to affect anyone. Just like that, if a group in power has a negative opinion of other’s it can cause harm to them both economically and politically, which is not a happy ending.

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